The competition BBQ

On a sunny day, you may have already visited an event where a BBQ competition was held.

“Wait a what?”

Yes, a BBQ competition! An event in which teams compete, using their secret techniques and recipes, to seduce judges by presenting them with the best of what they can do.

Are you a vegetarian? Save yourself, this book could interest you too!

Do you know what Barbacoa is? Did you know that the first modern barbecue was created in 1952? Do you, like me, get lost in the multitudes of grills, barbecue, smoking rooms, and other broiler devices? Are you looking to “upper” your “game” for the next time you will receive your in-laws at home or impress your “date”?

If you answered No, keep reading, you wouldn’t be disappointed!

Earlier this year I received in the mail, courtesy of Simon and Stephane Gadbois, the book The Bbq for Dummies: Edition Quebec. Since then, I’ve been struggling to reconcile my time to immerse myself in it, and I’ve just finished reading the last page just now. Wow! Excellent book!

Who the hell are they?

Simon Is a foodie, a producer of barbecue sauce and a competitor in the KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society). He is also the administrator and leader of a 25,000 + grill community. He has won several trophies in barbecue competitions, both in Quebec and the United States (America F* Yeah!).

Stéphane Gadbois has been a charcoal cook for many years. He is the author of the book a History of Food, published in 2017 (good another book to get!)

Very well structured starting with the origin of the barbecue and the essential tools to have going through the different types of existing devices and a ton of recipes (more than 150 in fact!), this book will certainly become my bible for the next good season (but this winter also because we all know that a barbecue never closes that!).

The content is well popularized for beginners like me, and we do not feel “null” contrary to what the name of the show suggests!

We learn how to prepare marinades, brines, BBQ sauce, condiments, and other sauces, how to prepare the main animal proteins (beef, chicken, pork, fish and seafood) but also vegetable proteins (tofu, tempeh, seitan, legumes).

There’s stuff for dinosaurs

You will also find recipes for snacks, desserts, and a whole assortment of salad dressings to accompany your grill!

There is also, an entire chapter giving you recipes and tips for organizing a vegetarian barbecue (if you are a vegetarian and not a dinosaur like me) and for the more enterprising, how to prepare and cook a méchoui!

All pages contain tips, advice, additional information, and tips to avoid the most common pitfalls when making barbecue.

Chapter 24 gives the names of 10 local producers to discover whose Sauces DAMN!, the Brittania Mills and Marshell estate I told you about earlier this year. For the others, I still waiting for you to discover (Wink wink!).

And finally, Chapter 25 is dedicated to making you discover the names of the 10 Most Influential People in the field of barbecue in Quebec and Canada.

The soft, yellow and black cover book (common to all the books in the series) with 289 pages (including 16 pages of Food Porn likely to make you salivate!) is, in my opinion, a must-read work in the field of barbecue and is aimed at beginners as well as experienced Gardens.

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