Grill Games has $9,600 in prize money in seven categories of competition!

$7,000 for the KCBS Barbecue Contest (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork, and Beef Brisket)
$1,400 for the People’s Choice (1st place – $1,000)
$600 for the Dessert Competition (1st place – $400)
$600 for the Anything Goes Competition (1st place – $400)

Grill Games will be home to over 30 professional and amateur BBQ teams from around the country competing for nearly $10,000 in prize money. Come down to Grill Games on Friday night to see the teams setting up and preparing for the competition. They’ll be easy to find— follow the delicious smell of barbecue! Saturday morning, from when the gates open at 10am until noon the teams will be preparing their food for judging. Turn-in is at noon, with judging following shortly thereafter. Winners will be announced Saturday night at 4:30pm.

2016 KCBS Results

Want to try what they’re cooking?

You’re in luck! The People’s Choice Competition runs from 2:00 until 4:30 on Saturday. Participating KCBS BBQ Teams will be offering up samples of pulled pork. There will be plenty to sample, and you get to vote for your favorite! The winner will take home $1,000 in prize money, with second place receiving $400. Tasting cards are only $10! Cards will be for sale online starting in July, and will also be available at the information tent inside the main gate at Grill Games on Friday or Saturday. More information on this tasting (and another, featuring local restaurants and caterers on Friday) is available on the Food & Drink tab.

2017 Participating Teams

All-Star Q WI
Beer & Smoking in Las Vegas
Brava – Q
Burnita Bar-B-Que
Captain Ron’s Brew-N-Que
Channabilly BBQ
Chocolate City BBQ
D.F.G.’s BBQ
Designated Smokin’ Area
Duce’s Wild
Du-Little BBQ
Forklifter BBQ
Hatfield and McCoy Barbecue
Hazy Blue BBQ
Holy Smoque BBQ
Jacobs Smokehouse

Kanak Attack
Kave Dwellers
Monsters of the Ribway
Mud’s BBQ
Pig Al’s
Porkin Ain’t Easy
Q-N with Attitude
R.U.B. Real Uline BBQ
Rack Masters BBQ
Roll the Bones BBQ
Smokin on the Weekends
Steamboat BBQ
The BBQ Sherpas
The Smoke Hunters 2013, 2016 Champions
Trainwreck Smoking Company

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