Do you enjoy cooking and prepping food? What about competitive grill games? If so, the grill games Kenosha events are out of this earth – it’s the top of all grilling games in the world. If you didn’t know so far, the grill games Kenosha events are a yearly, grilling games events including games grill events, barbeque, bands and of course – the Wunderground Kenosha beach! Here at the Wunderground Kenosha, you can take part in free grill games and have the time of your life, especially if you are a foodie.

Don’t worry, if you don’t like grill games, you are free to enjoy the band’s music and the many cool festivities – including cheering on the National BBQ Circuit teams. If this isn’t enough, you are also free to enjoy the costumes, the overall BBQ ambiance and ultimately, the free-spirit of the people there.

Regardless of what your reasons are to be interested in the grill games, we ensure you, at our website you’ll find everything about them and about the wonders of this amazing event! Stay tuned!

Get to Know the Kansas City Barbecue Society

The Kansas City Barbeque Society is one of the most renowned ones in this field. Not only because of the great grill games they host, organize and judge, but also because they offer the ultimate support for any barbecue enthusiast. From wild recipes to constant tab on winners and best teams for the grill games – this society has it all.

So, as a BBQ lover, you need to find a way to follow this society, at least online. They have some amazing tips on grilling and even the latest news on the grill games. Feel free to look around it, we promise you, you won’t regret it.

The National BBQ Circuit Teams

Of course, grilling events and festivals exist so that the people who enjoy this type of food and preparing it can feel free to find a place where they truly belong. However, some do this more than others, and they take part in the grilling games themselves, competing against each other. In order for someone to be free to take part in the grill games, they need to be formed in a team, and although this might seem like something that isn’t very fun for someone, it is still a pretty big deal, especially for the National BBQ Circuit teams.

These grill games teams feature some of the best grill-chefs and many of them are very famous, at least among the society of BBQ lovers. For instance, we have teams like the Boomerang BBQ who did the absolute best in 2019, with a score of 2819. Then, we have the Clark Kent BBQ and the Bunch of Swines at the second and third place, just in 2019. Of course, there are many other renowned and popular teams for grill games like the Burnin and Lootin, Slaps BBQ, Getting’ Basted, 4 Legs up BBQ, Wolf’s Revenge, IQ-Netherlands and the Buckshot BBQ-TX.

Introducing BBQ as A Culinary Sport

Many people see BBQ as a way of having fun with your family at a picnic or at a yard party. However, it really takes a lot of work and knowledge to prep the best BBQ in the party, do it fast and efficiently without providing raw or burnt BBQ. This is exactly why in the past few years, the BBQ is becoming a culinary sport and it is respected by many food-connoisseurs from throughout the world. Of course, after being acknowledged for the hard-work it requires, BBQ surely deserves its place amongst other culinary sports, and the fame that the BBQ events get is completely merited!

Betting on the BBQ Competition

Of course, since many of the BBQ competitions events are famous and have viewers and followers from throughout the world, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that they are the subject of betting. Nowadays, there are many people that take part in novelty betting i.e. betting on reality TV shows. These shows include cooking reality content and they are getting more and more famous. Specifically, some of the names that anyone can recognize are Chopped and Iron Chef.

Of course, when people are betting on grilling events, they’d like to do so through the most effective means. Basically, the best platform you can use for placing novelty bets are online casino websites. These online casino websites are basically places where you get all online casino services, including a chance to bet.

Moreover, more and more people are using these legal online casino services since they are great for getting casino bonuses. For instance, using a casino bonus like the no deposit casino bonus can serve a lot to those who are new to these websites, since you have a chance to place a bet for free. Besides placing bets for free, you can use casino bonuses to play other casino games like food and BBQ-themed slots games. So, if you were looking for a way to take part in novelty betting, we wholeheartedly suggest online betting sites – they are convenient, fast, easy to understand and most importantly, with them, you can win money by sitting on your sofa!

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